What We Value

Who Are We—Our Identity

A people gathered where every person can join in with God’s larger story...

of His restoration of a creation riddled with brokenness.

What We Value  We focus as a church solely on the mission of developing people who are becoming more like Jesus and on-mission with Him. We do this to honor God (worship).

 "For those who want to check things out and “dip their toes in the water”…

Welcoming We desire to be a safe people where anyone can consider the claims of Jesus (regardless of race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, belief system, life experiences/choices—anything!).

We invite every person to join in with God’s larger story of His restoration through Jesus of a creation riddled with brokenness.  We proclaim in both words and deeds the good news about Jesus who brings shalom (wholeness, completeness, peace, healing) out of brokenness in all aspects of our lives. We live out the expression of this wholeness through the unity of our church.


Building Deep Friendships We aspire to building deep friendships.

In the midst of an increasingly disconnected and fractured society, we seek to build relationships that really matter.  


Ò‰ For those who are ready to “immerse themselves more fully”…

Transforming We seek to become more like Jesus so we can help transform the world around us—where we live/work/play.  

We desire every person to be transformed by Jesus in embracing a new self—with a new power for change—living with new purpose for that which matters now and in the future. Through transformed lives, we hope to see downwards trends of negative societal statistics such as crime, homelessness, divorces, abuse, illiteracy, etc. as well as less mental/emotional health issues.


Loving We love our community through acts of service and mercy.

Since God has already shown us His extravagant, unselfish, sacrificial love, we seek our community’s welfare by caring for the marginalized, disadvantaged, and poor. As an apprentice of Jesus, our desire is to always be a catalyst for creating community.


Sending We send every follower of Christ out into our community as an ambassador of the good news within their sphere of influence.

We come together—to be scattered—to come back together. We desire to be a church where, because of reliance on the Holy Spirit and the power of the gospel, there is no way for anyone to control those sent out as to how and where the Kingdom expands. We hope to be a church where it’s about growing Jesus’ Kingdom—not our kingdom—where we live/work/play.