Primary Mission Learning Module

(Learners) Calling people into learning at a deeper level what it means to follow Jesus (SCMP—Share, Connect, Minister, Parent) by growing in how we perceive and interact with God, our self, in the home and with God’s family, and in the world around us. You will be joining a Grow-n-Go Group of 3-5 people. These groups are designed such that those who are still exploring the claims of Christ can participate with those who are at a different place in their personal spiritual journey.

  • A Grow-n-Go Group will meet at least 2x/month.
  • It will generally follow a format of (a) Looking Back since the last meeting (e.g., How was life—did you experience any victories? Did you see God at work? How did you do on commitments made—especially on the lessons in the Primary Mission Module?); (b) Looking Up at what God is showing you (e.g., Did God give you any insights in your Bible readings? What have you learned since the last time? What questions do you have? What is God speaking to you at this moment?); (c) Looking Ahead at what you will do in response to God’s leading (e.g., What challenge or commitment needs to be made? What questions do you need to seek answers to? Whom are you praying for to invite into a discipling relationship?).


Our weekly service will usually include a challenge put forth with 'Learners' in mind. Additionally, participating in 5 Minutes with God readings (see weekly bulletin for weekly readings or click here for a download of the annual schedule) will allow one to read through the New Testament yearly with others on the same schedule.

The core curriculum for our 'Learners' is built around our Primary Mission Learning Module: Living in the Way of Jesus: Real Life Discipleship Training Manual (SCMP). We want to have a process that is strategic and intentional—simple but not simplistic. This module is a course which you complete at your own speed. It is a combination of workbook, online video, and meetings (both individual mentor as well as Grow-n-Go group).

Following is the curriculum guide and applicable video links to proceed through the course. Once you have been assigned to a mentor and a Grow-n-Go Group, a workbook will be ordered for you. The cost of the workbook is $20 (let your mentor know if you cannot afford some or all of the workbook).


Module Syllabus (click here for a printable version of this syllabus)

Watch video: Getting to Know Us 

Week 1

Watch video

Complete workbook—Week 1

Week 2

Watch video

Complete workbook—Week 2

Week 3

Print off Wk3 Journey of Salvation-modified Engel Scale

Watch video

Complete workbook—Week 3

Week 4

Print off Wk4 Personal Story Sheet

Watch video

Complete workbook—Week 4

Read your Personal Story Sheet in your Grow-n-Go Group

Week 5

Print off Wk5 Article on Giving--A Better NT Perspective

Watch video

Complete workbook—Week 5

Week 6

Watch video

Complete workbook—Week 6

Week 7

Watch video

Complete workbook—Week 7

Week 8

Print off Wk8 Sharing the Gospel

Watch video 

Complete workbook—Week 8

Share the Jesus story in your Grow-n-Go Group

Week 9

Watch video

Complete workbook—Week 9: Days 1-4

Week 10

Print off Wk10 Protecting the Unity of the Church

Watch video

Complete workbook—Week 9: Day 5

Complete workbook—Week 10

Week 11

Print off Wk11 Discovering my Ministry--SERVE

Watch video

Complete My Personal Ministry – S.E.R.V.E.

Complete workbook—Week 11

Week 12

Watch video

Complete workbook—Read Week 12, you do not need to complete any of the workbook questions

Read workbook Appendix—Summary and Profile of Each Stage of Spiritual Growth

Review S.E.R.V.E. Questionnaire with Mentor