We like to say that we want to be a safe place to hear a dangerous message! 


When you walk in the door...

- we don't require you to dress a certain way,

- or already believe a certain way,

- or have your act together in life.

As a church, we believe in inviting every person to become a part of God’s larger story of bringing a better future into all aspects of our life.


A Vision for Our ChurchVision is a picture of a desired future. It is a sense of ‘what could be’ rather than ‘what is.’

Where real people with real needs doing real life encounters the real Jesus.

Where every person can join in with God in His restoration of a creation riddled with brokenness.

Where every person is embracing a new self—with a new power for change—living for that which matters.

Where every person is becoming the person God intended for them even before they were born.

Jesus transforming our life—transforming our worlds.


Come and check out our Tuesday free community dinner and encouraging word---Tuesdays at 6pm in Carlton at the American Legion Hall (basement--158 E. Main Street, Carlton, OR).

To see how we want to help you grow in Christ, click here.

If you would like to know more about what it means to be a Christian, click here.


Online Service

You can watch a video of the weekly teachings. Click here.

Sorry, services are currently not streamed live.



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